The Traveling Vineyard Boss Reveals His Guide To Success

A strong belief in the business one is trying to build is always an important aspect of the work of any entrepreneur who wants to make a success of a new venture; another area that must remain intact is the belief in the service being offered, which The Traveling Vineyard President, Rick Libby has held in his company for more than 16 years. The first steps taken to create The Traveling Vineyard were taken when Libby was working with a catalog based wine company intent on developing new ways of developing its market share in the U.S., Libby remembered a friend telling him about in-home kitchenware parties and The Traveling Vineyard was born.

The Traveling Vineyard has been under the ownership of Rick Libby since 2010 when he purchased the company and set about creating a distinctive brand that has become known for the development of a series of risks that have been carefully considered by the leader of the company. In fact, Rick Libby is quick to point out in interviews he devotes around half of each day to the development of new strategic plans for the future of The Traveling Vineyard, a portion of the day that only begins after the important tasks of the day have been completed.

As an industry leader, the business model of The Traveling Vineyard is consistently changing and evolving as the Wine Guides of the company work to bring their knowledge to as many people as possible. Wine Guides are seen as the public face of The Traveling Vineyard and are always high on the list of importance for the executives of the company, which can include providing a range of rewards provided to Wine Guides who produce timely and important pieces of work.

Each Wine Guide is given the opportunity to work with an experienced individual who has been with the company for a number of years and achieved a great deal of success. Training is all important to make sure the people attending parties have the ability to understand and complete their own orders of the fine wines produced by The Traveling Vineyard.

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