George Soros is Optimistic about the Problems in the World Today

Most people who keep up on world events can admit that something will always be wrong. That is just a fact of life. There will always be some humanitarian crisis, some dictatorship ruining a nation and political instability that causes markets to be unstable.

George Soros is a leading Democratic Party supporter who understands this truth. A lot of the issues that have been happening in 2017 has been worrying Soros. However, he is optimistic about the future and the resolution for these issues.

One of the most troubling things that worry George Soros is the election of Donald Trump to the White House in 2017. Soros was seriously disappointed that President Trump was elected the leader of the free world. He likens President Trump to a fascist.

Soros also points out that Trump has the potential to run the U.S. like a mafia boss or a dictator. He goes on to say that the U.S. government is too strong for any one person to destroy. However, he still believes that if a person could actually wreck the American government – it certainly would be President Trump.

The refugee crisis in Europe is another situation that makes Soros uneasy. As a former refugee, Soros sees that millions of these individuals are in trouble from lack of finances and social exploitation. He realizes that governments within various European nations might harm and exploit these people; without realizing what they are doing.

Soros was a refugee living in England shortly after World War II. During his time in London, he lived as a refugee who experienced some of the problems associated with this social classification. Soros wants the incoming refugees into Europe to know that they are welcomed and that they will be protected. Learn more about George at

The liberal policy supporter is a leading figure for the left. He wants to ensure that millions of refugees are being treated fairly and that they have a chance to succeed wherever they end up. He is optimistic that the refugee situation will be corrected and that governments will treat the refugees fairly with justice.

Sometime back in 2016, George Soros was really concerned about China’s failing economy. He was seeing a lot of problems with the nation’s ability to be a driving economic force in the world. China has the world’s second largest economy and if they happen to fail; it would cause a serious economic down turn for the world as a whole.

Soros no longer sees this picture as being grim or bleak. He acknowledges that China’s economy is having serious problems. He also realizes that the Chinese government is going to pull through and change things around. Soros realizes that the world has many issues and problems but there is always hope for things to get better. That reality helps to keep Soros optimistic about everything that is not right on planet Earth.

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