Kim Dao Wants to Return to Australia According to New Video

One of Australian YouTuber Kim Dao’s latest videos talks about her decision to move back to Australia after a stint living in Japan. Kim Dao spent the day in Perth, where her boyfriend lives, and took their dog to a dog cafe. Later on in the afternoon, she got a call from her boyfriend who said he would be getting off work at 7:30, and was happy that she would be able to pick him up so they could spend some time together.


Kim Dao and her boyfriend had been living apart for more than a year, and the long-distance relationship was taking its toll on the couple. While living in Japan had long been Kim Dao’s dream, she decided that she had accomplished what she had set out to achieve and that it was time to return to Australia to focus on her relationship with her boyfriend. She plans on returning to Japan for a few more months to a year before finally coming back to Australia for good.


Kim Dao views this as the next stage in her relationship with her boyfriend. She hopes that the time apart has strengthened their relationship, and that the next chapter in their life together will be a happy one.


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