The ways in which NTC is changing service delivery for their customers

Title defects have for a long time been one of the biggest problems in the real estate industry. The larger issues that come from the defects include foreclosures that are unjustified and complicated property transition processes. With the rampant defaults, it becomes almost impossible to carry out even the processes that are easy to handle. The NTC realized that the best way to deal with the problem was to make the documents that are tied to property available. As a result, the process of title conveyance has become really simple and when mistakes happen, the availability of the documents is also making it simple to get beck the process after foreclosure.


There are several cases that have been studied by the NTC, they have since concluded that defaults are happening when the wording on the title document is not proper leading to non-compliance with the regulations of the industry. Then, there are times when details such as signatures of the spouse go missing from the document and this makes transactions close to impossible. The third case is where there have been issues such as liens and other encumbrances on the property and this affects the marketability of the property. Lastly, when the documents are filled incorrectly, issues arise. The service that is offered by the Nationwide Title Clearing website has been taken online in order to offer better service to their clients.


The CEO to the organization says that when one wants to invest positively in real estate, they have to be willing to dig up all the information connected to the deed. He has been doing a lot to transform the business and the new services connected to the site include assigning verification reports, issuance of tax return reports, and offering information about the current owner of the property.


Before information is posted on the site about any client, it is sourced from different places and thoroughly verified. When the prospective client gets this information in time, they are able to invest in the property that is appropriate and potentially beneficial to them and avoid what might be detrimental to their investment portfolio.


Nationwide Title Clearing Inc

The CEO of Nationwide Title Clearing Inc is John Hillman. The company has its headquarters in Palm Harbor, Florida. The company has been in business for the past two decades and is worth half a billion dollars. With the website and the many other support services that the company is rolling out, it is easy to see that they will be getting much better with time.


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