Luxury Real Estate In New York


The NYC luxury real estate market in New York has unbelievable offerings. In Brooklyn, at 180 Franklin avenue, this includes a pet spa, an inside pool for laps, and a valet just for your bikes. Also featured are both an art gallery and studio, the convenience of being walking distance to Pratt Institute and even rehearsal spacing for those interested in music.


Another amazing space in NYC luxury real estate is in Manhattan, at 605 West 42nd Avenue. Available here is a lounge for billiards, a basketball court that is actually regulation NBA is sizing, a spa for your pets and an inside pools to do laps.


This NYC luxury real estate space will make you take notice as well. Also in Manhattan, at 157 West 57th Street, this space features an aquarium that is twenty four feet in length. Also offers a gorgeous library, a billiards table, a studio for yoga, and a specialty room for performing.


Brooklyn Bridge Park is another amazing NYC luxury real estate space. Amenities, feature an indoor gym with three thousand feet, an outside green for putting along with an indoor room for golf simulation. A choice of two rooms to play video games, and a room for music with a mini piano.


Finally, in Manhattan at 450 West 42nd Avenue is a spa for pets, an Eqinox fitness facility, a lap pool that is heated, both basketball and volleyball with indoor courts, and both indoor and outdoor rooms for screening.


A top real estate company is Town Residential. In only five years, they have become one of New York’s top firms for luxury real estate by providing unsurpassed customer service and a staff that is one of the best in the business.


They cover all bases with luxury, offering residential, commercial, retail, leasing, sales, and most importantly, excellence and principles. This is a team of leaders in the industry.