Transit Experts Looking For Ways To Resolve Traffic Related Issues

The main issue at the Williamson County Growth Summit was transportation along with its challenges. After all, this is the basic issue of various suburban communities here. Hence the main discussion was on this topic only.

The panel for the discussion included a number of prominent personalities. This included the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority Executive Director Mike Heiligenstein. Another important person was RideScout LLC founder Joseph Kopser. Next was Uber Technologies Inc. Texas External Affairs Director Leandre Johns in addition to ArgoDesign’s Jared Ficklin, who is focused on resolving transportation issues through product design.

He is proposing unique and innovative solutions like having an aerial gondola system. This can be used for resolving transportation issues of Central Austin. This was a talent pool of knowledgeable as well as experienced people.

Hence people expected lots of interesting output at this event that was held at the Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel & Conference Center. People were not disappointed. The discussion focused on technology as it is evidently changing the face of transportation in the Austin region as well as across the globe.

According to Biz Journals, Mike Heiligenstein is the executive director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. All awaited his thoughts which he put across at the 19th annual Williamson County Growth Summit.

Mike Heiligenstein spoke about new technologies coming in. He spoke about them reforming transportation infrastructure. He made specific reference to driverless vehicles besides the ridesharing apps.

Mike Heiligenstein made specific remarks about the Austin area. He spoke about how it has invested in enhancing its transportation capacity. But that is not enough now. They need to build more roads, specifically smarter roads. Mike Heiligenstein pointed out that it is not an option any more. This is the only way in which this matter can be resolved. This is because Williamson County is a suburb that is seeing a lot of growth as more and more people move into this area.

He also appreciated that Williamson County had done an amazing job already with its infrastructure structuring over the past 15 years or so. But there is still a lot of population coming in. Hence they have to build new roads. Basically, it is about an expansion of existing capacities. The corridors need to be made smarter, more efficient which is possible only through technical advancement. Learn more about Heiligenstein:

Round Rock Mayor Alan McGraw also spoke that policymakers need to play a role here. This is because they have to meet the growing needs of the future too.