Kevin Seawright Improves Economic Development in Newark

If there is one thing that Kevin Seawright knows about, it is the city of Newark. He has joined the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, commonly known as the CEDC, and he has done a great job with this organization.

It has become much more friendly to entrepreneurs, and there are quite a few people that are looking to start businesses in New Jersey for this reason.

Seawright has a lots of experience when it comes to managing funds. In the Newark CEDC he is the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. His previous endeavors include developing an accounting system for saving funds for the Baltimore Commission on Aging and Retirement. He has also worked for the Baltimore Housing Authority, and he was able to get funds in order there as well.

Kevin Seawright has been able to use a lot of strategic planning to oversee contracts in Washington DC. It is during this time that he has managed millions of dollars in contracts. This gives him the knowledge to totally transformed economic development that is happening in Newark.

According to Crunchbase, one thing that Kevin Seawright knows best is that reinvesting in the natives of Newark will be beneficial to the economic growth. He believes in hiring summer interns that are willing to do the work.

He knows that some of these summer workers will return back to the city to work once they finish high school or college. The is something that can help the city grow.

The great thing about having Kevin in place as the Chief Financial Officer is his background experience in so many different areas. He has a background in real estate development and local government.

All of these things have given him the ability to assess what is going on in Newark and become a true Catalyst for change. He has been able to turn economic development around in the Brick City.

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