The athleisure brand that is growing through customer reviews, Fabletics

A recommendation does not have to be direct nowadays, crowd-sourced reviews are also taken to be equally as important. The consumer behavior has shown a direct effect on the sales of a company. As many people lean towards the crowd’s power to determine a purchase, companies such as Fabletics are taking up this opportunity as a bridge towards their success. Fabletics has taken up customer reviews as their main marketing strategy. Due to positive customer reviews, the brand has grown by two hundred percent and now has a turnover revenue of 235 million dollars. Its membership has also grown significantly up to over a million members.


Its parent company, TechStyle Fashion Group, Marketing Officer for Corporates attributes the success of Fabletics to leveraging the crowd’s power to market its product. Reviews that have been given by the consumers of a product or service impact the sales directly. If positive reviews are given, customer base and loyalty are increased and the company grows significantly. The way that consumers have embraced reviews in decision-making is simple evidence that technology has brought about felt changes globally. Users no longer wait for relatives or close friends to buy a product in order to ask for a reference.


Fabletics is constantly following up on their customer reviews and this has made them earn very reputable reviews online and boosted their position in the search engines. This strategy has made them emerge among the top most companies on the internet when you search for athleisure wear. By taking the customer reviews into consideration and action, Fabletics is now growing its market share in the industry. They have almost thirty thousand reviews on Trustpilot alone. This is a clear indication of how keen they are to impress their clients. The transparency that comes with customer reviews forces the sellers to provide quality products that are customer focused in order to stay in the market.


Kate Hudson together with her team have been part of the success story of Fabletics. They have grown Fabletics from a mere start-up to a renowned athleisure brand in less than 5 years. Imagine what they will do in 10 years or more. The turnover is impressive especially since Kate is an actress with no business history but still managed to fly with eagles in the industry. Kate Hudson was a perfect partner for Don and Adam when they wanted to form a fashionable athleisure brand. Kate was a suitable candidate due to her personality and active lifestyle.


Kate put her all into Fabletics. From picking out social media presence to reviewing budgets and sales. She works very closely with the team to ensure that their brand remains at the top of its class. Kate also takes time to actively participate in design and communication practices of the company. The excellent customer service has emerged one of the topmost in the industry and has even gotten a top rating from the Better Business Bureau. Kate Hudson and her partners are determined to build a bigger and better Fabletics through expansion and continued improved customer service.