Arthur Becker Is a Visionary Entrepreneur

Arthur Becker was born in 1950 in Brooklyn, New York. He currently splits his time between homes in New York and Miami, and he is an active investor in real estate and technology companies. The direction his life took may have seemed unexpected for someone who graduated from Bennington College with mixed majors in ceramics and photography. However, he then went on to the Amos Tuck Graduate School of Business at Dartmouth, and this would help to lay a solid foundation for much of the rest of his life. More details can be found on Bloomberg.

According to NY Daily News, he went to work at Bear Stearns, Inc. in 1988 with their private client services division. By 1994, he had already founded his own company. It was called Bnox, Inc., and it created proprietary optical technology for certain cameras. He then went on to found additional companies such as the financial advisory company Advance Partners, LLC. and then founded Atlantic Investors in 2001. While at this latest company, he acquired NaviSite. He would end up serving as CEO for eight years at this company, and during his tenure there, it would complete 10 acquisitions and make a secondary public offering. Thanks to his successful leadership, NaviSite caught the eye of Time Warner, and they acquired it in 2011.

After selling NaviSite, Arthur Becker formed Madison Partners, LLC. and began investing in numerous technology companies as well as real estate. One of these investments was in a company called Zinio where he became Chairman and CEO. He has accumulated a vast wealth of knowledge and experience at investing in these areas over the years, and he uses it to continue investing today in companies that he identifies as being on the cusp of success.

Throughout his career, Becker has helped grow companies and create jobs for numerous people. His vision at spotting competent and talented management at small companies and seeing where they will be years down the road has served him and his business partners well throughout his career. His life is full of accomplishment in every field he has tackled, and he continues to follow potentially successful businesses with keen interest.

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Karl Heideck: The Attorney You Can Trust

Karl HeideckIn today’s society, business owners need the security of a great financial litigator like Karl Heideck. With people filing lawsuits at a higher rate than ever before, financial litigation should be a priority for any type of business plan. Since the cost of a top-notch financial litigator widely varies depending on the attorney, it is important to secure litigation financing before you need it. There is an expanding network of financing options available and Karl Heideck is here to assist you in all aspects of litigation financing.

Attorney Karl Heideck resides in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, and has experience in litigation, compliance and risk management. He is a graduate of Swarthmore College and the Temple University’s James E. Beasley School of Law. Karl Heideck has been practicing law since 2010 when he worked as an associate at for attorney Conrad O’Brien. He then joined the Pepper Hamilton Law Firm as a project attorney until April of 2014 when he joined the firm of Grant and Eisenhofer.

Karl Heideck is the attorney to call upon when you need a financial litigator as he is experienced in complex securities fraud and banking litigation. From entrepreneurship, financial litigation, risk management and more, contact Karl Heideck today!

Jeremy L. Goldstein, Helping Navigate Complex Legal Matters

The Legal Referral and Information Service has just launched a website for those seeking a great attorney. The site is run in collaboration with the New York Bar Association and provides access to service(s) anytime it’s needed. A reviewer will match the client with an attorney based on that individual’s specific needs. Should there be a more localized service or an attorney isn’t able to be located, the referral will be sent to someone who’s able to help. The service is invaluable to those who don’t have an excessive amount of time or money to dedicate to finding an attorney.


Among the fine attorney’s that are featured in New York is Jeremy L. Goldstein of Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, LLC. His firm is dedicated to corporate governance and compensation issues. Being an expert in this field, he dedicates his efforts to these and similar issues such as benefits. His educational background features Ivy League Cornell University for his undergraduate degree and New York University for his Juris Doctor (law) degree. He’s received the distinction of graduating with honors from these schools for his academic excellence. He’s lectured at events for the American Conference Institute on issues relating to executive wages. His expertise has also been lent to publications at NYU and Harvard University.


Being a well-rounded scholar and attorney, Jeremy Goldstein still finds time to help others. He’s served in leadership roles over the last decade for local and national nonprofit organizations. His intelligence and experience extend to many including those in need. As a prominent attorney dealing with complex legal matters on a regular basis; it’s refreshing to see someone stand out from the crowd. His hard work and dedication have not only stood the test of time; they’ve helped those in need of assistance in navigating legal matters that may seem overwhelming and intimidating.


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