How Mike Baur Mentors people through the Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur studied at the University of Bern and earned his MBA in finance. After succeeding in his career, he desires to mentor the entrepreneurs who hope to start new businesses through the Swiss Startup Factory. The Swiss Startup Factory helps the startups to grow by offering the guidance and support they need to succeed. The key is to foster an entrepreneurial spirit by providing the startups with the support they need in terms of coaching, office space, case studies, and financing.


The Swiss Startup Factory

The Swiss Startup Factory relies on a three month service to give the entrepreneurs the support they require and help them in every step of the way. The services include payroll management, bookkeeping, tax reporting advise, preparation of financial reports, and invoice management. This company relies on the world famous business moguls to mentor the inexperienced entrepreneurs to grow their companies.


The knowledge from these businessmen is the difference between success and failure for a vast array of businesses. The journey toward business growth and development is fraught with pitfalls. The young entrepreneurs need the support to prevail and avoid these pitfalls in the quest to succeed. The Swiss Startup Factory has been instrumental in turning the young and inexperienced business people to famous entrepreneurs.


World-class mentorship programs

Mike Baur understands that the Swiss Startup Factory does not have a monopoly of ideas. Not only does this company help the new startups to prosper, it also encourages them to initiate a vast array of mentorship programs. The new ideas do not always come from the Swiss Startup Factory. However, this company organizes several conferences where people share a vast array of creative ideas. The most creative ideas get the requisite funding while some entrepreneurs get the guidance they need to tweak their business models to meet the needs of the modern consumer. Evidently, the Startup Factory encourages the business entrepreneurs to innovate and come up with plenty of ways to do business.


Mike Baur has been instrumental when it comes to getting the requisite fund needed to support these startups. Every startup is unique, and getting an established entrepreneur who has invested in a similar program is the best way to help these people achieve their dreams

IAP Worldwide, exemplary dedication and unmatched professionalism

IAP Worldwide is the primary provider of world-scale facilities management, Logistics, advanced professional and technical services. It boasts more than 2,000 workers and in over 25 nations across the globe. IAP Worldwide helps both private and public sector clients to solve some of their most difficult problems. They provide various services on which range from overseas battlefields to natural disasters. This firm is seasoned in great planning, coordination, and execution of complex logistical and technical services as well. They also manage, maintain and operate military installations the size of civilian facilities, small cities, and remote research facilities.

They have a reputation for over six decades as reliable and highly responsive market leaders with the ability to meet the customer’s needs beyond their expectations.

IAP Worldwide Services is to provide emergency power and assistance in support of Hurricane Matthew in FEMA Region IV and V. They are to deploy teams to Initial Support Bases located at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, Florida and Orlando along the east coast. They also provided emergency support during Hurricane Katrina, Sandy, Katia and other shattering events; their support comes regarding communications systems, emergency power, commodities and expert personnel. It has organized over 100 power professionals to activate emergency power generators across New York, Massachusetts, Maryland as well as New Jersey.

Recently IAP Worldwide services were awarded a contract by the United States Army Corps of Engineers, Pittsburg District, Pennsylvania that allowed them to provide emergency power, engineering services and support for public works requirements in times of national significance. They currently remain in constant contact with the government of the United States and the various organizations involved in the mobilization ahead of Hurricane Matthew.

IAP Worldwide is committed to helping the United States and its allies to cope with the greatest challenges that face them. They are governed by high principles of focus, deep commitment to excellence, unparalleled professionalism, and unmatched responsiveness.

This exemplary organization was established in 1953. It was acquired by Johnson Controls in 1989 and formed the Johnson Controls Worldwide. They developed inventive mechanisms aimed towards increasing energy efficiency and automated its lighting, secure systems and environmental controls and fire facilities. This led them to become global leaders in the management as well as maintenance of commercial and military installations. IAP Worldwide has a stellar track record and an excellent reputation contributing to its outstanding position in the global market.

Getting to Know Brian Torchin

Medical professional Brian Torchin has been a chiropractor for many years. With the hands on experience in the business he knows the ins and out as he looks to hire medical professionals in the health industry. His business helps clinics find great professionals across the United States to ensure they are of the utmost quality and character.

Currently Brian has several openings on his personal Facebook page across the U.S. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to him if you are qualified for the position. Currently his home base is located in Philadelphia.

As a medical professional looking for gainful employment it would make sense to reach out to Brian. The contact and networks that he has is incredible.

Brian Torchin doesn’t just recruit for the medical profession but also for the legal profession. If you have a need or a qualified recruit to fill a legal need in the industry, please reach out.

This ranges from office managers to paralegals to attorneys. He can provide the depth and experience to hire the right person no matter legal or medical field. The company HCRC staffing has great reviews from the companies that use them. Check them out for your needs.

Brian Torchin is a upstanding citizen and has a vast knowledge and network to integrate the appropriate individuals into the correct spots that fit a business need. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any needs.