IAP Worldwide, exemplary dedication and unmatched professionalism

IAP Worldwide is the primary provider of world-scale facilities management, Logistics, advanced professional and technical services. It boasts more than 2,000 workers and in over 25 nations across the globe. IAP Worldwide helps both private and public sector clients to solve some of their most difficult problems. They provide various services on ClearanceJobs.com which range from overseas battlefields to natural disasters. This firm is seasoned in great planning, coordination, and execution of complex logistical and technical services as well. They also manage, maintain and operate military installations the size of civilian facilities, small cities, and remote research facilities.

They have a reputation for over six decades as reliable and highly responsive market leaders with the ability to meet the customer’s needs beyond their expectations. They have set themselves apart from the competition by embracing their client’s priorities as their own. They are passionate and convicted, applying innovative solutions to achieve exceptional results.

IAP Worldwide Services is to provide emergency power and assistance in support of Hurricane Matthew in FEMA Region IV and V. They are to deploy teams to Initial Support Bases located at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, Florida and Orlando along the east coast. They also provided emergency support during Hurricane Katrina, Sandy, Katia and other shattering events; their support comes regarding communications systems, emergency power, commodities and expert personnel. It has organized over 100 power professionals to activate emergency power generators across New York, Massachusetts, Maryland as well as New Jersey.

Recently IAP Worldwide services were awarded a contract by the United States Army Corps of Engineers, Pittsburg District, Pennsylvania that allowed them to provide emergency power, engineering services and support for public works requirements in times of national significance. They currently remain in constant contact with the government of the United States and the various organizations involved in the mobilization ahead of Hurricane Matthew.

IAP Worldwide is committed to helping the United States and its allies to cope with the greatest challenges that face them. They are governed by high principles of focus, deep commitment to excellence, unparalleled professionalism, and unmatched responsiveness.

This exemplary organization was established in 1953. It was acquired by Johnson Controls in 1989 and formed the Johnson Controls Worldwide. They developed inventive mechanisms aimed towards increasing energy efficiency and automated its lighting, secure systems and environmental controls and fire facilities. This led them to become global leaders in the management as well as maintenance of commercial and military installations. IAP Worldwide has a stellar track record and an excellent reputation contributing to its outstanding position in the global market.

Getting to Know Brian Torchin

Medical professional Brian Torchin has been a chiropractor for many years. With the hands on experience in the business he knows the ins and out as he looks to hire medical professionals in the health industry. His business helps clinics find great professionals across the United States to ensure they are of the utmost quality and character.

Currently Brian has several openings on his personal Facebook page across the U.S. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to him if you are qualified for the position. Currently his home base is located in Philadelphia.

As a medical professional looking for gainful employment it would make sense to reach out to Brian. The contact and networks that he has is incredible. A great resource in the job search. He is a caring individual who raises his family up with honor and is well disciplined

Brian Torchin doesn’t just recruit for the medical profession but also for the legal profession. If you have a need or a qualified recruit to fill a legal need in the industry, please reach out.

This ranges from office managers to paralegals to attorneys. He can provide the depth and experience to hire the right person no matter legal or medical field. The company HCRC staffing has great reviews from the companies that use them. Check them out for your needs.

Brian Torchin is a upstanding citizen and has a vast knowledge and network to integrate the appropriate individuals into the correct spots that fit a business need. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any needs.

The History and Concept of Comparative Law

Comparative law can be simply explained as the study of different legal systems by comparing them to each other. It involves placing the different global legal systems side by side and drawing the similarities and differences between them.

Origin of comparative law

Comparative law has always been a concept practiced among legal scholars, way back before the 18th century. Comparative law became globally known after the 18th century with its advent in Europe. Montesquieu was the first legal scholar to have founded the initial pillars for studying comparative law.

In his book, De l’esprit des lois, Montesquieu states that the civil and political laws of every nation should be structured in a way that creates harmony between the said nations. Comparative laws should be relatable to each government and align with its principle—whether they define the government itself or complement its rule.

Montesquieu went ahead to compare the penal laws of both the French and English to determine which is more acceptable. In the end, he observed that for one to determine which penal law is most agreeable to the other, one must carry out an in-depth and holistic view of each law in their current settings. Soon the concept of comparative law was to pick up in Britain as pioneered by an English legal historian and jurist.

Henry Maine was the pioneer of anthropological and comparative jurisprudence in Britain in late 18th century. He set out on a journey of unearthing the ancient laws of the eastern and western Europe through the primitive societies that dwelt in that time. After Henry Maine, comparative law became widely known in Britain earning a publication at the Oxford University in 1869. Maine was the elected professor at the time to teach the concept of comparative law at the university.

Branching out of comparative law

Since then comparative law has diversified and branched out to different specialized disciplines. These disciplines include administrative law, civil law, commercial law, constitutional law and criminal law—all under comparative law.

About Sujit Choundry

Sujit Choundry is a professor of Law at the University of California in Berkeley. He is also an internationally recognized figure in the subject of comparative law. He employs a number of research methodologies and field experience to come up with legal solutions that are applied in constitution structuring processes. He has acted as a comparative law advisor to many countries like Sri Lanka, South Africa, Jordan, Libya, Egypt and Nepal.

He has conducted lectures in over 24 countries where his research findings have helped solve the many quagmires faced in designing a new constitution. Sujit Choundry is also the founder of Center for Constitutional Transitions, where he is the faculty director.

Thor Halvorssen’s Many Good Deeds

Did you know there is an organization called the Children’s Peace Movement. The movement connects children in privileged countries, such as Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Canada, and Norway, with the children from war-torn countries. These war-torn countries include Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria.

Just think of the benefits of this program. War tends to breed more war. Children who grow up in war zones are more likely to become angered, disenfranchised, and radicalized. These children are much more likely to lash out and join a militant group. Working rage on for generations like this.

The Children’s Peace Movement aims to stop this. By broadening the horizons of children in war-torn areas, Thor Halvorssen hopes to put an end to the cycle of violence. Thor Halvorssen is the patron of the Children’s Peace Movement. He took over for the former patron, Czech president Václav Havel, back in 2009. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen: http://www.forbes.com/sites/thorhalvorssen/

This is one of Thor Halvorssen’s many roles. The man is most prominent for founding the Human Rights Foundation. The 39-year-old human rights activist has boundless energy which takes them all across the world to fight injustice wherever he sees it. He’s not some sort of superhero, he is more of a political nerd.

Also in 2009, the founder of the Human Rights Foundation started the Oslo Freedom Form. The event takes place annually to bring human rights activists together from around the globe. It is a place where the best ideas for advancing human rights are discussed and plans are made to implement them.

Thor Halvorssen comes from a long line of political disruptors. The man was born in Venezuela but speaks English without an accent. His father was a Norwegian diplomat working with the government of Venezuela to stop drug cartels. But his father’s investigation got a little too close. He was thrown into jail and tortured. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | LinkedIn

Thor Halvorssen was just a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania when his father was imprisoned. He reached out to human rights advocacy groups around the world, including Amnesty International. He worked tirelessly until his father was freed after 74 days of political imprisonment.

His mother, a British national from Venezuela, was shot during a protest in New York City. Thor was the one who broke the news by writing an article for the Wall Street Journal.

There is no way of knowing where Thor will go next. The only thing we know is that he will work tirelessly for human rights advocacy wherever he is.

Glamor Your Event with Twenty Three Layer Planners

Twenty Three Layers is among the best event planning companies in NYC. For years, they have combined a set of creative, hyperactive and energetic minds to come up with the best designs and plans to suit any event. They deal with a broad range of activities that include; corporate functions, enchanting evenings, and private celebrations among many others. The design team is one that pays attention to every detail no matter how small it might be. The attention to details combined with the relentless demand for perfection has enabled the company to match the customer expectations.


The company has established relationships with some of the most established and sought-after vendors. The Vendors make event planning with the company worry free and fun. With their unmatched knowledge and experience, they guarantee extraordinary events that match the customer desires. The company has moreover, adapted to the dynamism affecting today events bringing out events that match the latest trends in drinks, food, and entertainment.


When it comes to hiring event planners in NYC, several guidelines should be followed to ensure you get the right pick for a particular kind of event. The first guideline is in determining the objective of the Day. This rule ensures that you can identify the core goal of the occasion.


The second guideline is determining the reason for hiring. In this case, you need a list of activities that the employed source is expected to handle on your behalf.

When sourcing from the external community, you need someone who is experienced and with a standing reputation within the community. The best way to find a planner is by using professional affiliations. In the determination of the best planners, sourcing from a bureau is the ideal. Conduct an interview with the preferred candidates. After deciding, avail the event details. Occasionally, arrange face to face meetings with the client. The other most important thing is paying attention to their ideas. After the planners’ survey, let them present their total budget estimations.


It’s advisable to participate and confirm all the event details and finally, always have the guts to fire if their objectives don’t match your expectations.




Fabletics Activewear by Kate Hudson

Need to work out and look fabulous while you do it? Kate Hudson, the gorgeous, talented actress that she is, has come up with Fabletics line of fashionable activewear that was launched in October of 2013. This subscription retailer markets mainly to women, but has broadened their clientele to men as of 2015. They have sportswear, accessories, and leisurewear that is considered to be fashionable.

Based on the lifestyle and fashion choices you choose in the beginning quiz, they will choose outfits they believe would be your style. You can shop as a guest and get access to shopping any time you feel the need to do so unless you would like to be a VIP member.

Fabletics has a huge social media presence that is hard to ignore if you are active in your personal life. If you look at their Facebook page, they are very active about answering your questions and posting about what sales they currently have. They do focus more towards their VIP members although I am sure that is where they make most of their money. They are very active with all of their posts and reply with great respect and manners towards each and every question and comment they receive.

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The Only Fabletics Review You Need To Read

Kate Hudson has been known to express Fabletics as an all-inclusive company. She also explains that this means it includes styles for the most avid fitness gurus, casual athletes, and includes sizes for men and women of all builds. Kate does not want to exclude the women who are a bit bigger like most of the companies seem to do. The only people that are not benefiting from access to this athletic wear are children.

Now you even have the chance to see the clothes in person before you choose to buy them. To date, there are eighteen stores opened all over the country for people to access. Over the next few years, there are plans to open up nearly another 100 stores to make physical access to Fabletics clothing line easier. The staff is still required to try and recruit shoppers to sign up for the monthly subscription so that the online store does not go out of business anytime soon.

The ginormous presence of this athletic company has caused controversy and delight among the athletic community. The stylish clothes are enough to get the least active person to want to start working out. There are not many negative comments that can be made about this company if you know what this company is and how they work. Good job Kate Hudson!

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Securus is Busy During Christmas

Securus is a jail industry company that was originally started so that the people who were in prison would have the option to some freedom when it came to the different things that they could do. While it is impossible to grant a lot of freedom to people who are in jail, Securus has worked hard to be able to do different things for the people who are in jail. They also do this so that the employees of the jail will be able to better do their own job instead of monitoring phone calls, visits and commissary.


When it comes to the freedom that is offered in prisons, there is not much. Some inmates struggle with this even though they know that they are in prison for a purpose. Securus has set out to be able to provide the inmates with the help that they need to be able to do things differently. They are able to be somewhat independent about what they are doing and what they are able to get when they are at the kiosks. This is something that has enabled them to be better and do better with the different options that they have available to them.


The video chat is one of the first things that Securus put into their kiosks. They know that inmates need to be able to see their loved ones at different intervals and that it will help people who are in jail to be able to see the people who they love on a regular basis. They also know that it is not always feasible for friends and family members to come visit the people who are in jail. For this reason, video chats are a great option for people to be able to look at different things and see the options available to them.


The holidays can be hard on anyone but they are especially hard for people who are in prison. These people often do not have their family with them and they are unable to communicate with them except by over the phone and through the mail. The video chats make this different and Securus has different options for video chatting during the holidays.


Luxury Real Estate In New York


The NYC luxury real estate market in New York has unbelievable offerings. In Brooklyn, at 180 Franklin avenue, this includes a pet spa, an inside pool for laps, and a valet just for your bikes. Also featured are both an art gallery and studio, the convenience of being walking distance to Pratt Institute and even rehearsal spacing for those interested in music.


Another amazing space in NYC luxury real estate is in Manhattan, at 605 West 42nd Avenue. Available here is a lounge for billiards, a basketball court that is actually regulation NBA is sizing, a spa for your pets and an inside pools to do laps.


This NYC luxury real estate space will make you take notice as well. Also in Manhattan, at 157 West 57th Street, this space features an aquarium that is twenty four feet in length. Also offers a gorgeous library, a billiards table, a studio for yoga, and a specialty room for performing.


Brooklyn Bridge Park is another amazing NYC luxury real estate space. Amenities, feature an indoor gym with three thousand feet, an outside green for putting along with an indoor room for golf simulation. A choice of two rooms to play video games, and a room for music with a mini piano.


Finally, in Manhattan at 450 West 42nd Avenue is a spa for pets, an Eqinox fitness facility, a lap pool that is heated, both basketball and volleyball with indoor courts, and both indoor and outdoor rooms for screening.


A top real estate company is Town Residential. In only five years, they have become one of New York’s top firms for luxury real estate by providing unsurpassed customer service and a staff that is one of the best in the business.


They cover all bases with luxury, offering residential, commercial, retail, leasing, sales, and most importantly, excellence and principles. This is a team of leaders in the industry.

A Different Hair-Shampoo Experience For Her: WEN by Chaz

Washing, conditioning and styling our hair takes a good deal of time out of our week, depending on the length of our hair and the number of times we go through the process. As a woman working, raising children, keeping house and traveling, for work or as a chauffeur for our kids’ extracurricular activities, we need every moment. WEN by Chaz can save us many moments because of his exclusive 5-in-1 formula that takes care of every part of the experience. You do not need three or four tubes and bottles of product. It’s an all-in-one pump-handled solution.

Head over to Pinterest for Wen hair tips & tricks.

Chaz Dean became a seasoned photographer of beautiful models of all ages, sizes and facial affects who turned to hair styling after moving from back east to Hollywood, California. He developed his skills and ended up with a celebrity clientele that is appreciatively envious. He is passionate about using good products that showcase a woman’s healthy-looking hair. This passion led him to design a line that was unique, better than ordinary, and natural.

WEN® Cleansing Conditioner takes care of your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler and leave-in conditioner. It cleanses hair without harsh sulfates found in ordinary shampoos. Your hair’s natural oils are left in tact and the result is clean, strong beautifully moisturized hair that is manageable. The Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner (available at Sephora) product satisfaction reviews said hair was more moisturized and added dramatically additional shine.

To begin ordering WEN by Chaz online consists of you ordering a basic kit (Cleansing Moisturizer, Anti-Frizz Styling Creme, and Nourishing Mousse for $29.99. Then your formula: Sweet-Almond Mint, Pomegranate, or Lavender. With free shipping, WEN by Chaz is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Questions? Click here to learn more about WEN hair care solutions.

Brad Reifler’s Journey To The Top Of The Investment World


Brad Reifler is the founder of Forefront Capital, LLC. He has achieved success with multiple firms due to his experience of many years as an investor and entrepreneur. LinkedIn shows how Reifler’s career began in the early 1980s following the completion of his economics and political science studies at Bowdoin College. It is the time when he formed Reifler Trading Company.


His first company controlled hundreds of millions in discretionary accounts. Subsequently, it evolved to information dissemination, institutional research, global derivative, as well as execution services. That led the company to become one of the biggest futures operations. The company curved a niche for itself by focusing on global derivatives. Reifler sold the firm in 2000 to global leader in futures, Refco Inc.,


Prior to selling his company, Brad Reifler had diversified his offerings into financial services. He became a respected professional across the globe. Reifler created Pali Capital in 1995. He captured the growth in hedge funds by establishing a unique strategy. Reifler did not advise them on what to trade but combined their idea with top research, derivative structures, and credit analysis. He then trained sales traders how to articulate his strategy and implement it. During his 13 year leadership at the company, Pali capital experienced tremendous growth achieving a commission income in excess of $ 1 billion.


Presently, Yahoo Finance reports Reifler’s focus is on Forefront Capital and its several subsidiaries that include Forefront Advisory, LLC as well as Forefront Partners. Brad Reifler serves the firm as the CEO and adviser. He started the business in 2009 and has again endeavored to develop a differentiated offering. Reifler has managed to attract premier investment bankers, business leaders, and registered investment advisers to his company.


Using his 30 years of experience, Reifler has spoken extensively on ways of getting involved in the field of investing. He has made a number of public appearances to speak about what the lower and middle classes need to do in order secure their futures by investing. Brad Reifler is passionate about helping people plan for their future and realize true financial freedom.  But he’s also concerned about the future, and he’s written about what the Presidential election means for the economy.  Something everybody should know, and prepare for.

For technical analysis, make sure to visit Brad’s Investing.com page, where he posts articles with in depth analysis of the Forex markets, and commodities trading.